How do I setup GeniusOne?

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There are a few steps to start using GeniusOne® which are outlined below. More details can be found in their respective sections:

Step 1: Profile Setup 

GeniusOne® Profile contains your Business and Personal information. A lot of the information is pre-filled from when you first register. The most important thing here is to upload your logo. This can be done here.

The logo is used in all communications sent to parents from your panel like Broadcast emails and other notifications.

Click here for more information on how to set up Profiles in GeniusOne

Step 2: Setup Groups

Groups help you organise your Students in different categories. You can create as many groups as you wish, however a student can only be part of one group. Groups help you send targeted communication like Broadcast messages without selecting them individually and when you don't want to send it to all students. You can add Groups here.

Click here to see more information for Groups and Broadcasts.  

Step 3: Add Family

 The first step to adding student data to GeniusOne is to add a Family. Family allows you to organise your Students and Parent information in a simple and easy-to-use view. Each Family is displayed as cards and all information about the Students or the Parent can be viewed just by clicking on their names. You can add up to 3 Parents/Guardians including one mandatory Primary Parent and unlimited Students. Each family is identifiable with a unique Family Name, that can be assigned at the time of creation but can be edited at any time. 

You can add a Family either by bulk uploading the data or by adding them one at a time. Instructions to Bulk upload are available here and instruction to Add Family via the Web Portal is available here.

Step 4: Add Students

There are two ways you can add Student/Parent Data. You can add a Student one at a time using the Add Student form available on your GeniusOne web panel. This method is usually employed when adding very few students.

A popular method to add students when you are starting fresh on GeniusOne is to Bulk Upload Student and Parent Data. Using Bulk Upload, you can add as many students as you want by following the simple instructions available here and using the sample CSV file. See attached files

For detailed instructions on how to bulk upload student/family data click here

REMEMBER: The order of uploading Student and Family can be switched which means either the students or the Families can be uploaded first. The only information which GeniusOne® needs to match them is the Primary Parent Email ID which should be the same.

Step 5: Add Staff

After adding the student and parent data, you can add Staff Data. For detailed instructions and information on Staff Management, click here

Step 6: Create Timeslots

An important step in setting up GeniusOne is to set up class times for students. This is referred to as Timeslots in GeniusOne. There are no restrictions on the number of Timeslots you can create. You can also add overlapping or duplicate Timeslots. After creating Timeslots, you can assign them to students or publish the to parents so they can request them through the Parent Mobile App.

Multiple Timeslots can be assigned to a student. Students can have both Primary Day and Secondary Day timeslot(s). All assigned timeslots are visible to parents in the Student section of the Parent Mobile App.

To learn more about Timeslots and how to manage them please see the Timeslot Section

Important: Before creating Timeslots create a Timeslot Identifier that you can use to identify and group Timeslots. Parents will see the Identifier information when you publish Timeslots to Parents on the Mobile App

Step 7: Configure Scanner Messages

Scanner Messages are Auto-notification messages that are sent to Parents when a Student checks-in or checks-out (using all the available methods). These messages are customisable and a preview can be seen while you create them. To create and configure scanner messages click here

Step 8: Configure Timegap

Time Gap is a time to wait between two scans of the same QR Code. This is done to prevent the scanner from processing the same QR code multiple times within a short duration. The time is always in minutes with a minimum being 1 minute. For eg; if the Time Gap is configured as 5 for Students and 3 for Staff then the scanner will ignore the same QR Code from being scanned within 5 mins for Student QR Code and 3 minutes for Staff QR Code.  To configure Timegap, click here

Other settings in GeniusOne

  1. Toggle Support Chat - Enables and disables the support Chat Widget

  2. Toggle FAQs - Enables and disables the FAQ widget

  3. Toggle Notifications - Enables and disables Notifications. This is a setting you can use to disable notifications while you are setting up GeniusOne for the first time. This will prevent any unintentional auto-notifications from being sent to Parents. 

Remember: When the Notifications are turned off all notifications except Check-in, Check-out and Ready to collect notifications will be suppressed. Attendance Notifications (Check-in, Check-out, and Ready to Collect) fall under the critical notification category and they will be sent irrespective of the status of the Notification toggle switch.

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