Family Bulk Upload Instructions

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Important: Download the sample CSV file by clicking here or in the attachment below. Copy and paste your data into the GeniusOne® supplied CSV file. Do not change any column names in the first row as this is the identifier for the data. The CSV upload will fail if the column names are modified in any way.

Mandatory Fields in Red

Fields and their description for the CSV file

  • Family Name – This is a unique name that you can use to Identify that family. Only the following special characters are allowed   Dash -, Underscore  _ , apostrophe ', and ampersand 
  • Address 1
  • Address 2 
  • Address 3 
  • Country
  • State - State (US/Canada) or County (in the UK). 
  • City
  • Postcode Post Code (Zip code in the US/Canada)
  • Primary Parent Title
  • Primary Parent First Name
  • Primary Parent Last Name
  • Primary Parent Email all communication from GeniusOne® happens through the Parent email. Parents also use this to log in to the Parent Mobile App. Therefore it is extremely important to verify that the email supplied is correct. 
  • Primary Parent Country Code This code is mandatory when uploading contact details. In case this code is unavailable, a default country code where the Centre is registered will be applied to the Parent. For e.g., if the Centre is registered in the UK, the default country code for the parent would be +44, and if the Centre is registered in the US or Canada it will be +1. For Rest of the World, their country code will be default for the parent. If the country code is filled in the excel sheet, GeniusOne will update this to the Parent profile.
  • Primary Parent Contact enter the phone number (preferably a WhatsApp/Mobile number) without the country code. Country Code will default to the registered Centre location. For the UK this would be 10 digits (7xxxxxxxxx), for the US/Canada it would be 10 digits (281 xxx xxxx). 
    • We recommend that the contact be a WhatsApp enabled number so Parents can get the One Time PIN (OTP) delivered on their WhatsApp when they login to the Parent Mobile App. OTP is also always delivered to their email.
  • Guardian 2 Title
  • Guardian 2 First Name
  • Guardian 2 Last Name
  • Guardian 2 Email  
  • Guardian 2 Country Code 
  • Guardian 2 Contact 
  • Guardian 3 Title
  • Guardian 3 First Name
  • Guardian 3 Last Name
  • Guardian 3 Email  
  • Guardian 3 Country Code 
  • Guardian 3 Contact 


Remember:  You can also update Family information in bulk using the CSV file upload. To do this export the Family data from GeniusOne® under the Family view. This file should contain all your Family data. Do Not Delete or Change the Primary Parent Email data. Change or add any other data you want and re-upload the same file using the Bulk upload. GeniusOne® will bulk update/add the data based on the changes you have made in the file.

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